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Gregg Snider - Wonderllama Photography

I guess you could say photography is in my blood.

My father, uncle and grandfather are well-known photographers. I've been taking photos since my dad gave me my first camera on my 13th birthday. I started shooting people, bands, and events and never looked back.


I've been making costumes and attending  Comic-Cons for ages.  In 2014, I started bringing my camera to conventions, which gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing cosplayers.  I've been fortunate to shoot hundreds of fun, enthusiastic people who bring to life characters from comic books, movies and video games. 

Christian and I started talking about getting studio space in late 2019, an. By the end of the year, we knew Val needed to be a partner.  By September 2020, Red Raven Studios was born. We've been building sets and making photos with dozens of amazing artists ever since. 

Some of my recent work is below.
And check out our Portraits page for photos at Red Raven Studios by all of us ravens.



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