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Model Release Form

We are extremely conscientious about ensuring the safety and comfort level of every model that works with us, both during and after a photo shoot.  That is doubly true for any photos involving nudity, boudoir, or fetish. 


All such photography requires two-way consent and agreement between all models and the photographer(s), regarding the type of material and any boundaries, prior to the shoot. Proofs and final edits will be delivered by secure Google Drive or Dropbox. Red Raven Studios will not post to social media or otherwise share any photos taken during a nude/boudoir/fetish shoot with anyone other than the model(s) present at the shoot unless expressly agreed-upon by the model(s).


We also require that, in addition to the model(s) and photographer, at least one other person be present.  This is for your safety and the safety of our photographer(s).  You are absolutely welcome to bring one or two friends to your photo shoot; they can help with the shoot if they want, or relax anywhere in the studio.  Please let us know if you cannot bring someone with you; we will either have another Red Raven staff member be present, or reschedule the shoot.

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