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Alaina - Blacklight Rave - 01-30-21 - 14

Hi! We can’t wait to see you at the blacklight bodypaint workshop.

This will be a ton of fun and we’ll get some amazing photos together.

Getting Here

Red Raven Studios is located at 88 Hatch St, New Bedford. Park anywhere
in the large parking lot. The front door should be unlocked - if not,
please call 781-222-0932 and someone will come meet you.

We are studio #217 on the second floor. On the second floor landing, go through the large door on your left, follow the hall to the left, and turn right into the hallway - we are the first door on the left. 

About Red Raven Studios

Red Raven is Christian Sherman, Vallen Patino, and Gregg Snider. Christian and Val, along with fellow Hatch Street Studios artist Tracy Barbosa, will be doing the body painting; Gregg will be shooting the photos.


We have a private changing area with lockers. Feel free to lock up any valuables and hang onto the key, or you can safely leave anything where it’s convenient.


There is no smoking (cigarettes, vape, or marijuana) in the studio or the building. Feel free to smoke outside in the parking lot.


Covid Safety

To help ensure everyone is safe, everyone will be wearing masks except while your face is being painted and while you are on camera. Makeup artists and photographer will have masks on at all times. The studio is quite large and we will try to maintain as much distancing as possible. We have disposable masks as needed.

What to Wear

Our top priority is for you to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and around the people in the studio. If you’re more comfortable in a tankini or a bikini, that works great. If you’re good with a thong and pasties, that’s great too. We recommend either black fabric, or a UV/blacklight fabric that will pop under the blacklights. We can paint black fabric if you bring clothes you don’t mind getting paint on. Pasties work great, especially UV pasties if you can find them - if not, we can make them from blacklight tape.


Topless or nude is fine, but only if you are entirely comfortable with it. No one will ever ask you to go topless or nude. Please let us know in advance if you’re thinking about topless/nude. We want to be sure other people in the workshop are ok with it too.


We suggest bringing a bathrobe for changing and an old towel cleaning up body paint. We have plenty of paper towels, makeup wipes and water to help remove paint. We use latex-free, water-soluble body paint so cleanup is pretty easy.


This website sells loads of rave clothes and accessories that work well in blacklight - (we have no affiliation with them).



The workshop is two hours, so we want to be efficient with time. Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early. The workshop has three models and three artists doing the body painting. Once you are happy with the paint, we will spend about 20-25 minutes shooting together. When we’re done shooting, we have an area to wash off paint with makeup wipes, water, soap, and paper towels.


We will send you a proof sheet within 4-5 days of the workshop. You can select up to 5 images you like and we will edit them and get high-resolution final images to you shortly after.


Model Release Forms

Please review and complete the Red Raven Studios model release form prior to arrival. If you don’t have a chance before you arrive, you can review and sign on a studio iPad.


Standard release form: 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out on Facebook or Instagram messenger. See you soon!

Gregg, Christian & Val

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