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from concept to creation

About Red Raven Studios

We are a collaboration of creative friends working together to make art and have fun.

We are photographers and models, costume makers and set builders. 

We delight in working with people to bring creative ideas to life in front of the camera.

We have collaborated together on incredibly varied projects for over 5 years - short films, prop builds, set design and creation, themed photo shoots, elaborate productions, and more.

We started Red Raven Studios with several core ideals: 

  • Provide a fun, creative, safe outlet where people can create together comfortably

  • Respect people and their boundaries

  • Advance body-positivity and inclusiveness

  • Welcome all models regardless of age, gender, orientation, size, or ability

WWJD - G Val Veronica.jpeg

Courtesy of JSilphotography

A Brief History of Red Raven Studios

Christian and Gregg met at a comic convention in 2015 and quickly become close friends. They began collaborating on cosplay projects, short films, and photo shoots. In 2018, Chris, Val, Veronica and Gregg all met at various group shoots and bonded over a common love of bourbon, visual story-telling, and body-positive photography.

By late 2019, we decided to look for a space to open a studio. After months of searching, we were incredibly fortunate to find a wonderful space in Hatch Street Studios in New Bedford, MA. We moved in and opened shop over Labor Day weekend of 2020.

Since opening, we've done over a hundred photo shoots, workshops, themed group shoots, and hosted a prom-themed fundraiser party. We have several exclusive themed events scheduled for summer 2022 and beyond.

Christian Sherman

Christian Sherman

Chris Sherman Photography

Val headshot cropped.jpg

Val Vacious

Gregg - Avdeon 1.jpg

Gregg Snider

Wonderllama Photo


Veronica Marie

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